1 point submitted 4 days agoI agree that is more a cultural

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24 points submitted 2 days canada goose outlet nyc agoBecause the presence of undead naturally propagates a dark aura that spawns/attracts more canada goose parka outlet uk undead, there is a practical problem. You canada goose outlet woodbury have the very real problem of creating canada goose outlet usa a downward spiral and triggering an eruption of undead presence (both natural and artificial). Khajiit was big about trying to trigger this event.So, in the context of Overlord, canada goose outlet store toronto there canada goose outlet store calgary is no consequence free aspect to having a large, industrially viable amount of undead around.Brotan_ 3 points submitted 4 days agoHispanic is more a cultural group canada goose victoria parka outlet relating to Spain than a race. All people canada goose outlet england from the European Spanish region are considered canada goose outlet in chicago Hispanic.The term Latino is unique to Hispanic/Caribbean people from gofind Central and South America.The terms white and Hispanic are unrelated. Hispanic people can be considered white, as much as Germanic, or not Canada Goose Outlet at all.Just semantics though, don worry so much about these discussions. There is no objectivity in what people call each other. Though it does illustrate how hard it is to have concepts like race be the basis of an ideology. At some point arbitrary lines need to be drawn, and they be goose outlet canada hardest to determine in the Mediterranean, Central American, and Eurasian regions. 1 point submitted 4 days agoI agree that is more a cultural group than a race, but a lot of people(most Americans) think that is a race and canada goose outlet new york city i wonder why.But that all changed canada goose outlet toronto address one day when I went to my church, where I met a blonde haired woman who hails from the South American country of Argentina. I wonder how it works? The members of House of Orlans born in Europe are racially different than the members of same family who was born in South America? How this geographic magical mutation works? 12 points submitted 9 days agoThe unique south american country close to canada goose outlet eu a first world country is Chile, thanks to Mi General Augusto Pinochet, but in Brazil for example, there are affirmative actions to protect the black/mixed race majority from canada goose outlet in uk white minority canada goose outlet black friday sale despite the fact that was a blonde, blue eyed princess who ended slavery on Brazil(princess Isabel) and she lost his power because it was unpopular among the elite.qwerrasque 3 points submitted 9 days agoWhat are you on about? Troika wasn destroyed by piracy, it was destroyed by Activision forcing the release of what could been the best non isometric RPG of all time, and canada goose sale uk Valve fucking them over by refusing to hand new versions of the engine and documentation, forcing them to write or rewrite new systems from scratch.How did piracy play a role in any of that? You canada goose outlet online think people didn buy Bloodlines at launch because they canada goose clothing uk could torrent it, or was it because it canada goose outlet miami was released in such a fucking horrid state that it was literally impossible to progress past certain points without console commands? 17 points submitted 13 days agoIronically the left “diversity is our strength” say that the violence and poverty on Africa is because colonialists created ethnic conflicts by imposing artificial borders on groups which hate each other. It created a canada goose outlet location situation that one group use the state and democracy against other and the second group try to take over the state. The left is right on this, but they don realize that they are importing a problem that they criticize.Most multicultural countries are insanely violent. Brazil, South Africa, India. Note that on Brazil and South Africa, there are affirmative action to protect the non white majority from white/asian minority(Asians are less than 3% in both countries).

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