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“Considering that both Vijay and Kamal Hasaan have considerable influence of thousands of Tamilians, open criticism against the Centre could make an impression on the electorate. The narrative around BJP’s move to re censor Mersal has been cast in a way that suggests that the party has hurt Tamil pride. That can’t be good news for the party”..

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The Italian and, supposedly, mob connection is legendary in this part of New Jersey. I keep expecting Carmela Soprano to come strolling out of one of Washington Street’s glitzier shops laden with purchases. David Anthony, a local politician, tells me it’s all a put on.

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When you look at a real estate projects you always want to ask yourself, “What can I do better than the current owners or operators?” If that question is not quickly or easily answered then most likely the operation is running well and provides little to no upside. Management is the key to any business and many times you can buy businesses and real estate at a discount because of poor management. If you do this, then you must have a plan in place to improve management and increase operations.

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Notwithstanding reduced drill rig availability, the Company continued to focus on opening access to new areas of fresh ore and catching up on previously postponed waste pushbacks, resulting in a stripping ratio of 16.7:1 (Waste: Ore) throughout the Quarter, an increase from 11.2:1 during Q1 2017. As a result of the reduced material movement, unit mining cost increased from US$2.19/t mined during Q1 2017 to US$2.38/t mined during Q2 2017. The Company expects to produce a significant increase in broken stock throughout the remainder of 2017 following the purchase of three further production drill rigs which are now operational at New Liberty.

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