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In 1975, the New Master Plan for City of Bhopal established a separate district for “hazardous industry” in an open area 15 miles from the centre of town, and zone the area where UCIL’s plant has been constructed for commercial and light, non hazardous, industry only. Disregarding this, during Emergency imposed by Indian National Congress led Indira Gandhi government, on October 31, 1975 the Union ministry of industrial development gave licenses to UCIL to produce up to 5,000 tons of pesticides a year in Bhopal plant. During Emergency, in 1976 Madhya Pradesh Town and Country Planning Board classified the UCIL plant as ‘general industry’ rather than ‘hazardous industry’, allowing this hazardous UCC plant to stay in its established location rather than move to Bhopal’s new hazardous industry zone..

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