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cheap air jordan There can be no serious talk of deficit and debt reduction if DC talks of tax increases only on the wealthy. That is a non starter if we are to fix our broken fiscal mcjordanshoes nation. The last time this country balanced an annual budget was under Clinton, and at that time, the Bush Tax cuts were not in effect for anybody in other words we had jumped off that so called cliff and we had higher taxes on both the wealthy and middle america. Since then, expenditures have risen and tax revenue has fallen. To think we can end the Bush cuts only on the wealthy and fix our problems is a lie. Extending the bush tax cuts for anybody is akin to kicking the can down the road to the next generation. To avoid a Greek like tragedy in this county, we need not jump or drive off thd cliff, but we do need to climb down the cliff to a lower level and that means some sort of tax increase for ALL the wealthy, the middle class, and those presently flying below the tax radar altogether ( tax cheats, illegal immigtants, and foreign visitors). It will be far better to endure another mild and hopefully short recession now, rather than face the sort of austerity cuts Greece is facing today (how would you like your pensions cut 35% all you teachers, government workers, police, fire, et al?). cheap air jordan

cheap jordans for sale The collection will include four different silhouettescreated in partnership with four Latino artists, with one of them being the Air Jordan 1 you see above created by Brazillian artist,Thales Fernando (aka POMB). Pomb graduated from the University of Brasilia with a degree in Industrial Design. He considers himself not only a graffiti artist but also a self taught illustrator. At the young age of thirteen, his murals were already making their way throughout Brazil, and as an adult his work has now made its. His work is inspired by the environment, animals, and their vibrant colors.The design was inspired by “roots” a manifestation of who we truly are, our ethos. It represents our history, the richness of our culture, myths and diversity. Everything is intertwined in the roots of our essence: indigenous people, Africans, immigrants. From the beautiful and unique nature, to the concrete jungle metropolis, it all makes us who we are today. Pomb believes it’s under our skin and intrinsic to our souls.The Air Jordan 1 High comes with a Black upper covered in a laser/graphic print throughout the shoe. The most unique part part of the shoe is without a doubt thecolorful artwork noted on the toe box, tongue and insoles. Black laces, soles and POMB branding on the heel complete the major traits of the shoe. cheap jordans for sale

cheap jordans online You find Astoria serving up salads from octopus to caprese, and small plates like sea scallops, mussels and lamb. Larger entrees include Cod Santorini and veal, lamb and ricotta meatball ravioli. Don forget the pizzas, made with hand tossed dough and toppings mirroring the fine ingredients found on its own shelves. After nibbling, you can shop the selection of gourmet cheese, charcuterie, oil and vinegars, pastas and more. strip with the addition of Bakersfield Tacos, Whiskey, Tequila, which marks the small chain seventh location. Tacos come in nearly a dozen varieties and mingle with a selection of craft cocktails. As much as Cleveland loves its tacos, there been just as much buzz about the made fresh daily guacamole. With a high energy vibe and stellar patio, you can expect an experience that a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. The Ohio chain is named after California Sound music movement. Founded by Jon Ashton, who Clevelanders may recognize from competing on Food Network Great Food Truck Race, Barabicu serves meats Texas style straight from their smoker out back. Ribs, brisket sandwiches and other meaty main courses are a welcome addition to the swelling scene growing around the cuisine. For an extra bit of Southern comfort, load up on sides like homemade mac and cheese, greens, chopped coleslaw and smoked potato salad. cheap jordans online

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