For its part, Intel has deployed about 200 units of its 5G test

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canada goose outlet london uk “We are talking about writing a standard that will emerge in 2020, peak in 2030, and still be around in 2040 it’s canada goose kind of a responsibility to the future,” she said.The difficulty is even greater given carrier pressure. For example, AT and Verizon have announced plans Canada Goose Outlet to roll outfixed wireless access services next yearbased on the non standalone 5G NR, even though that standard won’t be formally ratified until late next year.Companies such as Intel and Qualcomm have been supplying CPU and FPGA based systems for use in carrier trials. They have been updating the systems’ software to keep pace with developments in 3GPP and carrier requests.For its part, Intel has deployed about 200 units of its 5G test systems to date.Some of the systems are testing specialized use cases in vertical markets with widely varied needs, such as automotive, media, and industrial, with companies including GE and Honeywell. canada goose outlet london uk

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