Local police and the Transportation Security Administration

Regular Bedtime Can Help Keep Older Adults Healthy By Janice WoodA regular bedtime is not just for kids. A new study on sleep patterns suggests that a regular bedtime and wake time are just as important for heart and metabolic health among older adults.In a study of 1,978 older adults, researchers at Duke Health and the Duke Clinical Research Institute found people with irregular sleep patterns weighed more, had higher blood sugar, higher blood pressure, and a higher projected risk of having a heart attack or stroke within 10 years than those who slept and woke at the same times every day.Irregular sleepers were also more likely to report depression and stress than regular sleepers, both of which are tied to heart health, according to the researchers.African Americans had the most irregular sleep patterns compared to participants who were white, Chinese American or Hispanic, the study’s findings showed.The findings show an association but not a cause and effect relationship between sleep regularity and heart and metabolic health, according to the researchers. All of these things are impacting each other.disease and diabetes are extremely common in the United States, are extremely costly, and also are leading causes of death in this country, she said.

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