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It been the talk of Canadian news for the last couple of days: those Raptors are pretty good. Know, that dreaded area where news people start talking about sports and become experts on it without knowing anything? Yeah, that, it time to get on the bandwagon? Tonight at 6 allow me a refresher. The Blue Jays made the American League Championship Series last year and, owing to their success back in the early 90s, rekindled a national interest..

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It rare for everyone to be down on the Steelers, but some lackadaisical efforts combined with Ben Roethlisberger discouraging comments finds Pittsburgh folk in a funk. Disheartened, demoralized and depressed after being humiliated by Blake Bortles and the Jaguars, of all teams, the Steelers will take on the league best team. This is typically where the NFL makes you nuts.

FILE In this Sunday, Jan. The New Jersey Devils have become the first NHL franchise to partner with a National Women’s Hockey League team. Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment, the Devils parent company, announced the partnership with wholesale nfl jerseys the Metropolitan Riveters on Thursday, Oct.

That’s four more than last year. Three venues will be used Ballyboden St Enda’s, St Sylvester’s and Cuala. The festival begins on Saturday. “There are a lot of things going on in,” said Hampton, 24, the former High basketball star and Billy Finn Award winner. “Every other week we hear about someone getting shot, people that were friends. This needs to stop.

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The Pentagon said B 1B bombers from Guam, along with F 15C Eagle fighter escorts from Okinawa, Japan, flew in international airspace over waters east of North Korea on Saturday. Fighter or bomber had gone off the North Korean coast in the 21st century. Nuclear force, but they are capable of dropping large numbers of conventional bombs.

Reigning purple royalty Prince will always have a special place in our hearts, but for some people, this place is really special. October 13 marked the 20th anniversary of the Love Symbol Album release, and we checked out the some of the craziest Prince merchandise we could find. Considering the guy is super particular about his image, these finds are pretty precious..

Or they won’t. After falling behind by 38 points in a second preseason pounding delivered by the lowly Nets on Sunday, fans could be heard asking on the way out if the Knicks would win more than 20 games. A full rebuild always looks nice on paper. Democrats, nervous about Virginia and eager to reverse their Obama era losses, have grown increasingly confident about a Washington state win. A victory there would put them in charge of every branch of state government; a win the same day in New Jersey would increase the number of Democratic “trifectas” from six to eight. Local Democrats credit the Democratic National Committee, which helped fund a digital adviser, for helping them find old Englund tweets that have been pivotal to the campaign.