Not only is losing control of your cards costly and damaging

canada goose These 5 Credit Card Hacks Are Less Awesome Than They Seem Lindsay Konsko, NerdWallet Apr. 24, 2014, 1:36 PM Flickr / Michael ChenGetting a credit card that offers a good rewards program is a smart idea. You do your spending as usual, all the while racking up points Canada Goose mens sale , miles or cash back. But some people aren’t content to just earn average rewards from their cards. These credit card “hackers” are constantly coming up with schemes to eek out as many perks as possible. Unfortunately, some common credit card tricks can backfire. Take a look below at five credit card hacks that (probably) aren’t. 1. Buying merchandise at the gas station If you have a credit card that offers bonus cash in rotating quarterly categories, you’ve probably considered ways to drive up your spending at featured retailers. Gas stations commonly appear in rotating bonus offers, so many credit card hackers think they can buy merchandise in the gas station’s retail store to get the extra cash back. But this credit card hack often doesn’t work. Many credit card issuers code purchases made at the pump differently from purchases made in the gas station’s storefront

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