Putting most of your expenses on your credit card to earn

canada goose Why You Might Want To Change The Due Date On Your Credit Cards Lindsay Konsko, NerdWallet Nov. 3, 2014, 11:07 AM All it takes is a phone call.Flickr / Achi RazIt’s no secret that credit card issuers have become much more flexible with customers’ billing due dates in recent years. These days, when you receive a new card, you’ll likely be asked to select a day of the month that works for you. If not, making this change is usually as easy as putting in a quick call to your issuer. But you might be wondering: Why would someone want to change a credit card billing due date? Here are three good reasons: 1. It doesn’t coincide with your pay dates. Putting most of your expenses on your credit card to earn maximum rewards is a smart idea, but probably results in a pretty big bill by the time the month is up – a bill that requires a significant chunk of your paycheck to cover. If you’re habitually paying late because you’re waiting for a paycheck to roll in, consider moving your bill’s due date so that it better aligns with your pay schedule. Remember, paying your credit card bill by its due date is extremely important to maintaining a good credit score. In fact, 35% of your FICO score is determined by your history with making on-time bill payments, so it’s crucial to make this a priority. 2. It comes too close to the date your issuer reports to the bureaus. Admit it: You’re a little confused about this one. We don’t blame you

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