Sigourney Weaver actually got the ball in the hoop for the shot

Broken Aesop: Circe’s calling out of the Prince over dumping her because she was apparently a peasant is a perfectly valid point to make. It’s a little hard to take it seriously when she keeps being interrupted by her sisters laughing at the absurdity of their little sister being a farmer’s daughter when they all are actually descended from an ancient royal line. Burn the Witch!: When Ursula was revealed to be non human, her fellow villagers attempted this. The Bus Came Back: Snow White and the no longer Evil Queen return in Mistress of All Evil after being offstage for two books.

Celine Luggage Tote Replica Dancougar is a 1985 Super Robot anime which tells the story of the Cyber Beast Force (Juusenkitai). The Earth is under attack by the Muge Empire, and they slowly take over the Earth as they were able to acquire information about Earth’s resources and strategies thanks to a traitor named Shapiro Keats. The last line of defense for the Earth is the Cyber Beast Force, Celine Replica a squad of soldiers operating machines programmed with the instincts of wild animals, and who are able to unleash the full potential of that bestial rage. Celine Luggage Tote Replica

Celine Replica Future Imperfect: Paul has to tell people who Hitler and Genghis Khan were, and clearly has an imperfect understanding himself. Genetic Memory: Bene Gesserit Reverend Mothers (and Wild Mothers such as the Fremen’s and Rebecca) get genetic memories of all their female ancestors, while the Kwisatz Haderach gets them for all his ancestors, as do children of these two. Gholas can gain past life memories this way too, by being manipulated into doing something their original self would never have done. Celine Replica

Celine Bags Replica Alien: Resurrection has one memorable scene where Ellen Ripley tosses a Basketball into a hoop as if it was no big deal. Sigourney Weaver actually got the ball in the hoop for the shot, but that doesn’t mean the scene wasn’t unedited: they had to edit out one of the actors exclaiming “Oh shit!” at the fact that she got it in the hoop, which would have been an Out of Character Moment. Doubles as a Real Life example in this case. Celine Bags Replica

replica celine handbags The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy features this as a crucial game mechanic called “Stagger”. By stringing together attacks, characters raise an enemy’s “Chain Bonus” (damage multiplier) while trying to keep the timer from running out (which will reset the Chain Gauge to 100%). Once the Gauge hits a certain threshold, the enemy becomes “staggered”, at which point the Chain Gauge rises by 100% (and it can still be raised). Ravagers have the ability to fill the gauge faster, but Commandos make the gauge drop slower and also boot enemies into the air with “Launch”. Certain enemies also lose resistances to certain types of attacks or may effectively be shut down. In addition, the percentage of Break Gauge also influence the damage it takes. Basically, a Chain gauge of 300%, say, will amplify your attacks by 3 times. Certain monsters that are nigh un Staggerable (having 999% as its Stagger breakpoint) may not even need to be Staggered as long as the Chain gauge is high enough that you’re doing almost ten times the damage. replica celine handbags

Celine Replica Bags The Japanese have their own word for it, “bakku shan” (a combination of “back” and “sch German for “beautiful”), hence “beautiful only from the back”. In Australia, this is called “prawn,” in the Philippines, “hipon,” and in M “camarona,”note The latter two are Filipino/Spanish for “shrimp/prawn” respectively because when eating shrimps/prawns, you only go for the body and not the head. Meanwhile in Poland, such a woman is described as “z ty liceum, z przodu muzeum” translation high schooler back, museum piece front. In Brazil, the common nickname is “Raimunda” (“shrimp woman” is another term used in this country), sort of a Portuguese rhyming slang for “ugly face, but a pretty ass”. In Puerto Rican Spanish, they’re called a “co carajo”, which roughly translates to “damn fuck”, as in from the back you say “Daaaaaaamn!” and from the front you say “Fuck!” Celine Replica Bags

Celine Bags Outlet Shrinking Violet: Georgie Boray, Marlene’s best friend, seems unable to express himself without Marlene nearby. Slice of Life: College life, that is. Slap Slap Kiss: First, Cleo and Tony. Marlene’s male doppelganger). Both times, the Alt Text or the characters themselves lampshade this. Stealth Cigarette Commercial: Marlene tries to pull this off when assigned to film an anti smoking Public Service Announcement for a class. Naturally, everyone sees through it. Straight Gay: Ben 2, who is just a typical college student with a nerd streak Celine Bags Outlet.

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