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4 points submitted 10 hours agoJust apply; what’s the worst that can happen? Some will want that canada goose outlet in usa Finance background and some will be ok with minimal background. But in canada goose jacket outlet sale my experience it’s easier for an accountant to move into Finance than the other way around; having knowledge of basic accounting actually aids in a lot of the work they do.That being said, it’s also easier in canada goose outlet belgium my experience to internally transfer into FP if you work on an accounting team they work with a lot like financial reporting / M So that’s another avenue to consider if all else fails.Iintendtooffend 1 point submitted 3 days agowhile I agree that fridges get hot and I do understand canada goose outlet sale how they cool. canada goose outlet kokemuksia They don canada goose victoria parka outlet intentionally have heating elements they give off heat as they canada goose outlet reviews cool the interior and then vent heat into the house. They also don get anywhere near as hot as a slow cooker.I would bet that slow cookers present a much larger threat in terms of fire than fridges canada goose outlet authentic ever do, they could potentially catch something else on fire and things that are purpose canada goose outlet england built to generate heat are going to be more dangerous when it comes to potential fire hazards.ExpiredDustyMuffin 3 points submitted 3 days agoI don’t you have to make the mistake of telling anyone ever again. This isn’t a dichotomy where you either confide in everyone or no one at all. Some people are trained in canada goose outlet in canada sympathizing canada goose uk and counseling and those are the people you should be reaching out to. There’s a world of help networks always available from people who have lost loved ones to suicide, personally know what it feels like, and canada goose jacket uk licensed mental health professionals. You can’t expect everyone to help, and most people probably aren’y appropriate canada goose premium outlet to lean on long term you’re right, but please don’t feel like you’re alone. Feel free to PM canada goose outlet trillium parka black me even as a last resort if canada goose jacket outlet store you’d like. You have at least one internet stranger who will drop everything to listen.GenghisKazoo 11 points submitted 5 days agoThe gulags were closed in 1960 by Khrushchev as part of de Stalinization. It also a canada goose outlet uk little inaccurate to call them “death camps,” as in camps where people are executed en masse like Auschwitz. Lots of people do it but it sort canada goose outlet store toronto of cheapens the horror of what the Nazis did.The major change glasnost brought was less that the KGB stopped murdering everyone (Solzhenitsyn is alive after all, the Soviets after Stalin were never on North Korea level) and more that they became more transparent and stopped lying about how poorly the economy had been doing since Brezhnev and how far canada goose outlet parka behind they were compared to the West.ExpiredDustyMuffin 2 points submitted 8 days agoI mean we’re arguing semantics at canada goose outlet store calgary this point. Sure technically speaking he could be charged canada goose outlet uk sale with whatever. But laws are only as good as the enforcement behind them and the executive branch, the branch that enforces laws, is led by the president. So the president can unilaterally decide to not enforce said laws and fire anyone who attempted to. It would be a constitutional crisis that would likely end with Trump out of office but might lead to a darker timeline as well.

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