The most common restrictions pertain to vouchers or ticket

homepage Ashraf al Kidra, a Gaza Health Ministry spokesman, said seven people were killed. At least nine wounded were evacuated from the tunnel area to hospital. Witnesses at the hospital identified five of the casualties as members of the Iranian backed militant group Islamic Jihad. Hamas said one of its members died when he entered the tunnel to evacuate wounded militants.

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Replica Bags After all, an airline ticket booked less than a week in advance and then canceled might not be resold. But the way that JetBlue and other airlines disclose that restriction doesn’t make sense. If you’re booking a ticket online through JetBlue, you have to click on a tiny “fare restrictions” link to see the disclosure. And passengers booking within the one week window aren’t offered any additional warnings that the 24 hour rule doesn’t apply, which can easily lead them to believe that they have a one day grace period, when in fact they don’t.”Gotcha” clauses related to timing are a venerated travel industry tradition. The most common restrictions pertain to vouchers or ticket credits, often rendering them all but useless after days, weeks or months. It happened to Mazen Hamza, a professional dancer from Philadelphia, who recently booked a nonrefundable US Airways flight from Philadelphia to St. Replica Bags

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