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cheap air jordans online The Wicker Man the wooden rollercoaster at Alton Towers new for 2018 ShareThe Wicker Man is the Staffordshire theme park’s latest attraction, and finally opened last weekend after the unseasonably cold weather put paid to the planned launch last week.But it is surely worth the wait.The gimmick this time after the complicated twists, turns and inversions of The Smiler and the technically impressive vertical drop on Th13teen is that we’re going back to basics.The Wicker Man is made of wood.The Wicker Man the wooden rollercoaster at Alton Towers new for 2018In fact, it’s the first wooden rollercoaster to be built in the UK in 21 years.Alton Towers says it will reconnect you to the “primal essence of rollercoasters”. And honestly, I can’t argue with that.The back story is a good one, too a mysterious tribe of outliers named the Beornen live out in the wilds, away from modern civilisation, and yet they have chosen you to join them for their festival and ride their works train into their secretive world.”That’s nice”, I thought as I waited in the queue to enter the pre ride show.I can’t tell you what happens in there (apart from the say that it’ll make the last bit of the wait to actually get on the ride a lot less boring). I will say that the invitation cheap jordans online to join the celebrations is not quite as friendly as it first cheap jordans from china appears.And then to the ride itself, a furious belt round a 2,000ft track at speeds topping 40mph.That certainly is not the fastest rollercoaster in the park Rita, of course, hits 60mph in 2.5 seconds but it feels fast.The Wicker Man cheap air jordan the wooden rollercoaster at Alton Towers new for 2018There’s just something special about riding the rails on this cheap yeezys wooden spectacular it sounds different, it feels different.The twists are tighter, the dips are deeper, and the clack of the chain carrying the coasters up the cheap jordans on sale first climb recalls the heady days of seaside summers on the Big Dipper.Yes, there’s certainly something to be said for going back to basics.Aside from those thrills cheap jordans online , the coaster also takes three lunges through the heart of the ride a massive wooden structure with a human cheap jordans for sale head on one side, and a ram’s head on the other.The special effects make the head appear cheap adidas to explode with fire as you hurtle through cheap nike shoes it.The Wicker Man has been four years in the planning and has cost to build.The Wicker Man the wooden rollercoaster at Alton Towers new for 2018It joins a host of other spectacular attractions at the park like the aforementioned Smiler, Rita, and Th13teen, as well as Oblivion, Galactica, and my old favourite Nemesis cheap air jordans online.

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